Saturday, 22 May 2010

Exhibition Opening. Our first stall .

Well that was a great night, and I can't think of a place I would of rather been, with our first stall, than with our friends at Best Joined Up. The work done was phenomenal as always, really inspiring.

Within moments of of us setting up two guys from Test Space came to have a look at the stall. They cave us their contact details, took ours and said they would be really interested in us having a stall at an event they are doing in the basement of crash records. They were really exited to play on the games consoles, and wanted us to bring them to the event too. It's a shame we couldn't get a power supply to them on the night. Next time.

We had fun too after the nerves had settled (with the aid of the free wine on offer!) We also sold some stuff which was really encouraging :)Laura and George had fun at the table playing word games and took a great picture of two happy customers. :)

There was a caravan there doing a live radio broadcast from inside the caravan! genius! I didn't really want to but somehow ended up doing a little interview. God now's what I said at that point in the evening.

I had to do a little helping out with stewarding and earlier in the day I had been painting boards white for Brodie which was really cool. Glad to be involved and able to help in some way :) although I nearly got a frown on when asked to mop the huge floor! I don't even do that at home!

So where next?!

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