Sunday, 16 May 2010

Best joined up, are putting on an exhibition on friday 21st May at The Templeworks in Leeds showcasing all the work produced on the live nights and promoting the works the artists do outside of their time at best joined up.

Really exited about this because I really love the work that goes on down there, the people are good and its a really inspiring environment.

I'm also still taking photographs for them at their live events and some of the pictures I have taken will be on the slide show at the exhibition. Some of the pictures I'm really pleased with and others are really rubbish so I have mixed feelings about this, it will be a good way to get a feel of all that goes on down there. But I wont be able to pretend I'm a fab photographer cos I get the odd good snap now and then! but I'm learning and having fun so what the hell! I Might insist on a little editing of the pics next time though, good ones only! ;)

Had a few random photography lessons from some really shit hot photographers on nights out too which has been really valuable and really cool, talking with them. People are really nice and really helpful. Also making an effort to remember not to drink too much when out taking photos for them, is good professional practice. Although I will have the odd night where I leave the camera at home. Would like to pick up the pens one day. down there... mm...

For the final project we have asked if we can get a little stall down there to perhaps sell the stuff we have been making and Bodie seem's to be cool with that. :)

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