Thursday, 26 August 2010

Totnes Truth Festival.

Monday, 23 August 2010

Unity Day.

Unity day, great through the day, took the family along did workshops met some lovely folk. However, come sundown....
this is a post from a friends blog and needs some serious attention...

woop-woop, it's the sound of the...oh wait, there is non.
So yesterday was Unity day and it was relatively good, apart from the mugging and watching some other guy have his head caved in with a skateboard.
There was a massive lack of Police presence, which of course, is due to the private security firm hired to man the event. They did real good in reducing crime (Y)! Well done.

A friend of mine was mugged for his point &shoot compact camera, then beaten by a bunch of youths. When he approached the Police (who were standing around the perimeter of the park) he was simply told "oh, yeah there's been a lot of that, there's not much you can do" now, i'm no expert in dealing with the Police, but i'm pretty sure that, that response is a fucking joke.

I then spoke to 2 officers, to question them about the lack of police presence and the reply that was given to a man who had just been robbed & beaten up, and was told "it's all politics, love. do you want me to explain it to you?"

No, my friend. I do not need politics explaining to me, because i'm not a fucking idiot. Secondly, don't call me 'love'.
I understand that the organisers of Unity Day have chosen to hire a private security group instead of paying for the Police, but I also understand that they have 4-6 strong team patrolling the park on a quiet sunday afternoon.

I emailed the local policing team for LS6, even though i have little faith in the Police service, they did actually email back and then called me to discuss my issues. The inspector that i spoke to did seem to take the complaint relatively seriously, but of course, nothing can be done because i didn't get the badge number. Still, badge number or no badge number, 2 sets of police gave bullshit responses to the publics questions. Can't be arsed with paper work much?!

Maybe i've got a bee in my bonnet about this, but i think situations like this build barriers between the public and the police.

Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Moor Fest.

Moor Fest was such good fun. The pictures are not the best in the world because I was very busy having fun and looking after the children. Although my children didn't need much looking after. They were off having fun themselves being inspired and entertained by puppetry, jugglers, story tellers, workshops and music. This was such a lovely festival for families it was small and the lady bird tent was full of wonderfully lovely talented people.

We met some lovely ladies that had a solar powered juice and smoothie maker that were also very good at contact juggling and playing musical instruments as it turned out! The kids loved being involved. Bob and Rachel do workshops in Harehills, circus skills. I think I would like to help out at that for my work experience. I want to run away with the circus now! lols!X

Moor Fest, Skipton.

Moor Fest, Skipton.

Thursday, 5 August 2010

Moor Fest, Skipton.

I am so excited!

I love the atmosphere at festivals, I went to my first festival in 15 years last year and have been to two this year.
I've been saying that I would love to work at a festival and help put smiles on folks faces! As if by magic this has come about!! A friend of mine is doing drama workshops at Moor music festival which has joined up with Northern Green Gathering and I can get involved too!! Silly hats, wigs, fabrics, clothing and face paints to be collected together for props and costumes. :D
I am also going to take my camera to document the craziness that is sure to follow!!
We will be going on the wednesday of next week finishing on the sunday.
This time I am going to bring my children too!!!!!!!!!!!!!

One day I'll have a yurt like this one!!!