Thursday, 5 August 2010

Moor Fest, Skipton.

I am so excited!

I love the atmosphere at festivals, I went to my first festival in 15 years last year and have been to two this year.
I've been saying that I would love to work at a festival and help put smiles on folks faces! As if by magic this has come about!! A friend of mine is doing drama workshops at Moor music festival which has joined up with Northern Green Gathering and I can get involved too!! Silly hats, wigs, fabrics, clothing and face paints to be collected together for props and costumes. :D
I am also going to take my camera to document the craziness that is sure to follow!!
We will be going on the wednesday of next week finishing on the sunday.
This time I am going to bring my children too!!!!!!!!!!!!!

One day I'll have a yurt like this one!!!

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