Thursday, 30 September 2010

Send and Receive Module.

There are a number of things on this website that look interesting unfortunately they won't play on my computer so will look at them at a later date.

I have decided I would like to communicate with groups and organizations that help refugee's. I always hear people saying that they are fed up of people "coming over here taking our jobs, housing and benefits" and it really angers me because I know this just is not true. Lots of people that flee their countries do so under terrible circumstances, to say the least. It angers me so much, we are supposed to be intelligent and advanced and yet we still harbor these racist, ill informed and backward views. We do live in a multi-cultural society so embrace and celebrate it!!!

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  1. I hear you sister, the worst thing is that the people who hold these strong views are uneducated, they have no idea about English history and yet they claim to be patriotic, it's fighting a losing battle unfortunately, because there are some people who will never take the time to understand the world around them, let alone the events that lead up to the current issues, such as immigration. England opened it's flood gates, in fact, we travelled around the world collecting people as slaves, because our ancestors shared the same view, that English people are of higher priority. It's sickening.

    They also don't take the time to consider the amount of the White British population that are not willing to work, and "wouldn't get out of bed for £6 an hour" because they have no work ethic, the west has given them everything they need or have ever wanted, not forgetting that late night curry that we all so badly desire after a night on the lash, belting out racist remarks at any passerby that doesn't appear to be British, or the fags that we need to buy on Christmas day, or the Indian/Pakistani doctors who save our children when they've been run over by a drunken teenager, who is more than likely claiming the dole.

    I've come to the realisation that some people will never change, no matter how multi-culteral we become and no matter how many times you explain the facts and history to these delinquents.

    So, fuck em, let them eat themselves up inside with anger and hatred for something that they know nothing about, i feel sorry for them in a way, imagine trying to hate something that you have no knowledge of.